About us

2016 is especially positive for Morgan Furniture as the company was given Golden awards in four nominations in National Business Rating.

LLC “Morgan Furniture” is Ukraine’s biggest producer and exporter of cushioned furniture, located in the city of Kvasyliv, Rivnens’ka oblast.

LLC “Morgan Furniture” is part of the international holding “Home Group” (Home Group Holdings), European manufacturer of household products, a company registered in Luxembourg. Home Group Holdings owns factories located in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, providing jobs for more than 3,000 employees. Home Group Holdings has trading agreements with 22 countries around the world.

Morgan Furniture is a Ukrainian success story. We managed to establish and develop a prosperous business in Ukraine: we export our furniture to Western Europe, with IKEA being one of our biggest clients. We have created more than 750 working spots in Rivnens’ka oblast’ and remain one of the oblast’s main employers. The average salary at our factory is approximately 5000 UAH.

Expansion in Ukraine is one of our top priorities. We are planning on increasing additional investment to extend our production capacity and create more work opportunities.