Due to monopolist protection in Ukraine, everyone on the market will lose, — Loraine McMahon

Loraine McMahon, co-owner of the biggest furniture factory in Ukraine, explained why the company has to import raw materials, the primary reason the company decided to build its factory in Ukraine and where foreign investors found additional funds to invest in Ukrainian production.

Foreign investors are forcing Ukrainian reforms

The biggest foreign investor urged the Ukrainian government to accelerate implementation of reforms and secure transparent conditions for business development.

LLC Morgan Furniture owners are planning to invest 280 million UAH in production development

According to Roman Basarab, the Executive Director of Morgan Furniture, the company’s revenue in 2015 was estimated at 485 million UAH(all exported products), which is 39 % more than in 2014.

Ukrainian branch of Morgan Furniture recieves 280 000 000 HryvnIias in investment

The McMahon family, the owners and investors of the leading Ukrainian cushioned furniture production LLC “Morgan Furniture”, is planning to invest 280 million UAH (9.3 million EUR) to extend production capacity and additional equipment within the next 3 years.